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SS1 Gateshead Man

SS2 Grey

SS3 Grey

SS4 Grey

SS5 Mantis

SS6 Robot Being

SS7 Blue Doctor

SS8 Blue Doctor

SS9 Blue Doctor

SS10 Blue Doctor

SS11 Blue Doctor with Fairy Wand

Shipped collections each come with a random selection of only one of the above Grey figures (SS2, SS3 or SS4)



The mighty Blue Mountain Starter Set  was recently  available at an Art Show on Thursday 5th April 2018 at London's IMT Gallery  UK.  As well as our Starter Set Allan Hughes and Mark Jackson was  there to answer questions about the miniatures, as well as an incredible display of painted models. The set,  includes Gateshead Man, the enigmatic Grey, the terrifying Mantis hybrid, and the levitating Robot Being!  Superb additions to any collection, they will delight and satisfy any modeller, roleplay or tabletop gamer.  Check out our Instagram for some photographs of the event!

The Starter Set was released ahead of the Arcturus Games rules set.  Look out for more information on that and other releases in the coming months!



In Polymorph Other YOU track down the villain!

Travel the great spaceways of the Blue Mountain, enter the deep caverns of the Dice Cult, herald the gold-trimmed adamant platebody armour of the Runescape avatar! Obey the dictum of the TOTALLER game table! Invite your friends to explore the virtual realities of The Gold Ones! Step into an alternative world where Edward VIII didn't abdicate and yet still married Wallis Simpson!

Your mission: to search for an answer to the ever-growing threat of the Present Continuum!

Covering Galleries 1 and 2 of Queen's Hall Arts Centre in Hexham, Polymorph Other is an exhibition of materials, records and activities inspired by, involving or about the worlds of gameplay and fiction. It features a range of works and contributions by local and international artists, gamers and groups including David Blandy, Blue Mountain Arcturus, Uma Breakdown, Felix Rose Kawitzky & Marianne Thesen Law, Kate Liston, Daniel Locke, Motsonian, Reactor, TOTALLER, Peter Wolfendale & Timothy Linward, and Hexham-based wargaming company Reiver Castings.

Join graphic novelist, artist and games geek Daniel Locke for an all ages creative workshops in drawing, storytelling and 'zine making. Inspired by Choose Your Own Adventure and the solo role-playing books of the 1980s, Daniel's workshop will walk participants through a series of fun steps towards an original illustrated storybook!

Step into an alternative world where Edward VIII didn't abdicate! Join Rob Anderson from Reiver Castings to guide you through the conflicts of Britain locked in civil war!

Polymorph Other was supported by the Arts Council England, Northumbria University and iMT Gallery, London. Poster image by Daniel Locke.

Visit our Instagram account for OUR STEP BY STEP MANTIS PAINTING GUIDE, straight from the glistening steel vaults of the Blue Mountain Arcturus head office, Mark will be showing you how to paint your Blue Mountain Starter Set Mantis to make it come ALIVE!

*Metal Miniatures are not toys and are not suitable for children under 12 years of age.

They contain lead which may be harmful if chewed or swallowed


A fascinating blogspot for all things Blue Mountain and Arcturus Games. This blogspot is maintained by Allan Hughes and Mark Jackson and features photographs showing some of the background to the design process as well as visits to the great team at Reiver Castings in Gateshead. 

Visit the Blue Mountain Equals Arcturus blogspot here.



Fans of Blue Mountain and Arcturus Games based in the North East of England were in for a treat in August 2018!  From the fevered imaginations of Allan Hughes and Mark Jackson came POLYPARANORMAL RUNDOWN, a complete environmental survey of domestic space for poly-paranormal activity.   

POLYPARANORMAL RUNDOWN is the most complete system of its kind for analysing poly-paranormal presences in your home. Utilising the latest experimental research, Drs Hughes and Jackson will be seeking to uncover and identify ghosts, E.V.P.s, aliens, U.F.O.s, time-travellers and any other unexplained visitations and apparitions.

The Blue Mountain Arcturus Polyparanormal Rundown took place as part of the Whitley Bay Film Festival's ArtHouses 2018.